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Papa's Workshop

I have always enjoyed woodworking and metal working.  Many of my earlier skills were learned from my father.  I used to "help" him in his shop and I would always ask him "what's that for" and "how does that work".  I am very grateful that he was patient and always took the time to answer all my questions.

Today I continue to enjoy working in my shop.  I do quite a bit of scroll sawing of a variety of projects.  My scrollsawing experience led me to the creation of The LIFTER.  I realized there was a need for a QUALITY,simple and easy to use latch system to hold up the saw arm of the Dewalt and Delta scrollsaws.

I'm a retired computer engineer and I'm 72 years young.  I guess that saying "old dogs CAN learn new tricks" applies to me.  So no matter how OLD or YOUNG you are, if you have an idea and a passion - go for it !

Please let me know if you have any comments about your experience with The LIFTER.

Frank Carey