FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LIFTER hard to install?

No, many of my customers say it takes only about 10 minutes to install. NOTE: please read the instructions before installation. Even though the installation is EASY you do need to follow the steps in the instructions.

Do I need any special tools to install the LIFTER?

Most of us have the tools that are needed in our shop already. The only special tool you will need is a T-25 TORX wrench. It's like a HEX or ALLEN wrench but with a star shaped pattern. The other 2 wrenches you will need are a #3 and a #5 METRIC HEX wrench. However if you don't have these Metric wrenches there are work-arounds listed in the instructions.

Does the LIFTER require any maintenance?

Generally no. The swinging latch is the only moving part and needs to swing freely. Because of the way it moves, one might think that it should be Oiled occasionally. I would NOT recommend oiling the latch. I've tried it in my shop and it seemed to make the latch move more sluggishly than when no oil is used. If it should ever stop swinging freely I would recommend dissembling the latch and cleaning it thoroughly. In using mine for over 4 years I have never had to do any maintenance.

What is the LIFTER made from?

Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Steel.

How do I use it?

Just lift the saw arm with your right hand until the LIFTER automatically latches. To lower, lift slightly on the saw arm with your right hand. Then pull the latch back (towards you) with your index finger. It may sound like it's awkward to do, but the first time you do it you will see how easy and natural it is.

Will the LIFTER work on any scroll saw?

No, it is designed to work only on the Dewalt 788 and Delta 40-690 scroll saws.Will the LIFTER impact the warranty on my saw? Maybe but I'm not completely sure. To install the LIFTER you need to trim a small piece of plastic from the black switch cover. Since trimming this plastic does not affect the function of the saw in any way, it is my opinion that it should not affect the warranty. However I have no way of knowing if Dewalt would look at it the way I do.